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Belle Vale


HOUSTON! Belle Vale Shopping Centre have a problem! A mysterious, unidentified object has been spotted in the centre.

 A bizarre UFO has crash landed into Belle Vale Shopping Centre and is currently under investigation as to how and why it is there. The UFO unexpectedly appeared in the centre on Friday 16th March around 2pm and has since been under lock and key and surrounded with numerous lengths of police tape. The reason as to how the space craft landed into the shopping centre is still unknown.

Sources are speculating that extra-terrestrial life has come to earth to spy on Belle Vale Shopping Centre’s Space Camp event. The event takes place on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th March complete with weird and wonderful activities including intergalactic, immersive theatre shows where children can become a Belle Vale Astronaut for the day.

The event is an immersive theatre show for 3-11 year olds and their families to get a real insight of life in outer space. They will get the opportunity to create, decorate and fly their own rocket (like the one which has crash landed!) whilst learning how to be an astronaut.

Children will also be taught the seven strict survival steps by astronomical teachers that are required in order to survive in outer space. Kids can then create and personalise their very own spaceship out of cardboard and high quality craft materials provided in a compact tool kit. Their ship will prepare them for the galactic adventures ahead as they physically step inside their completed rocket and perform the survival steps to pass the mission and receive a special, memorable certificate as a token of achievement.

Professional entertainers will be performing immersive space-themed theatre shows at 11am, 1pm and 3pm and will be unveiling their interesting space stories through the art of music and roleplay. The free event will bring together crafts, colouring, cardboard, music, a heap of laughter and families!

The event is now sold out!