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Saturday 15th Aprilpeach2

Bella has invited her special storytelling friend – Fergus the Fox – to come tell stories about the environment. The storyteller will come to the Centre and do five storytelling sets throughout the day. These five sets will take place in a very special environment – A GIANT PEACH!

The peach is sure to grab the attention of the local children as it stands over 4.5 metres tall and will be located in the main mall area by the cafe, it will be hard to miss it!

Storytelling is from 10am to 4pm.


Saturday 8th April

To link in with the Bella Bees Green Garden theme, the Centre is hosting a craft workshop for children. All children are welcome and its free to join in.workshop

The workshop is being run by, and in partnership with, St Cyrils Children and Youth Project Charity. Children will get the chance to decorate their very own plant pot, to encourage them to nurture their gardening skills. The workshop will be run from 10am to 4pm and will be held in the main mall by the Cafe.bella logo Transparent sml

During the month of April, any child signing up to the Bella Bees Kids club, will be entered into a prize draw to win a hamper of gardening goodies for beginners. The entry forms can be found outside the ‘eco wall’ and we have changed the colour of the forms to  green to match the environmental initiatives!


1st April to 30th April 2017

April 1st will see the launch of the Centre’s ‘Eco Pledge’ Wall, that will be installed on the front of the former Perfect Home Unit by the Mall Cafe. The pledge wall will be in the centre throughout the month of April, as partPledge Window LHS of Bella Bees Green Garden Theme.

The Eco Wall is aimed at encouraging shoppers to pledge to help the environment, no matter how small their contribution is. The three pledges the Centre has chosen are; ‘always bring a reusable shopping bag with them’ or ‘to walk or take public transport as much as possible’ or ‘to turn the lights off when they leave a room’. Each pledge will be a hand print shape leaf on a tree – to keep in with the Eco theme & representing the carbon footprint. To make a pledge, shoppers are invited to write their names on a hand print to make that pledge. Local schools will also be participating, as this will be a great way to help educate the younger generation about environmental issues.

A second panel will also be installed on a window, to show the statistics and achievements already met by Belle Vale Shopping Centres’ Waste Management Strategy. In November 2016 the Centre was presented with a Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practice.